We are now accepting requests for clinical hours in accordance with the schedule below. Please note limited opportunities are available due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements. You will also be asked to provide your own PPE. 

Clinical and Residency Application Requests

All requests must have a HealthNet provider who has agreed to be your clinical preceptor noted on the request form. Requests will only be accepted for one semester at a time. The Clinical and Residency Request Form must be submitted during the following timeline: 

Please note: 

  • Application submission does not guarantee placement with a HealthNet provider
  • Notify our office immediately to withdraw a pending application
  • Students who make arrangements outside of this process or neglect to keep application information accurate may have their student clinical privileges revoked and be denied for future clinical assignments.
  • We do not accept cold calling or any form of impersonal approach by students to solicit HealthNet preceptors.

For questions, please contact HealthNetClinEd@indyhealthnet.org


Click here for the Clinical and Residency Request Form