Freedom of Choice of Provider

You have the freedom to choose any willing healthcare provider, at any time.  If you elect to be treated by a provider other than a HealthNet provider, HealthNet will assist you in transferring your records to this provider.  Please note that non-HealthNet providers may be part of different insurance plans (including Medicare and Medicaid plans).  While HealthNet will reasonably assist you in transferring insurance coverage to a new provider, you will ultimately be responsible for making sure that that you have the appropriate insurance for such provider.


At HealthNet, we provide excellent medical care and treatment. The care that our providers deliver is coordinated and focused on the patient’s specific needs. Find out more

Behavioral Health

HealthNet’s Behavioral Health specialists are trained and licensed professionals to work with you along with your primary care doctor to gain the best opportunities for better outcomes. Find out more


At HealthNet, we offer comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages - from toddlers to adults, we are here for you through all phases of life. Find out more


HealthNet’s OB/GYN doctors and midwives help bring more than 2,000 babies into the world each year, and will provide a full spectrum of care for you and your growing baby. Find out more

Social Services

HealthNet’s Social Work Services Program is here to advocate on behalf of the patients we serve, and to assist these families with basic needs. Find out more

Additional Services

At Healthnet, we are able to provide our patients with full eye examinations.  This includes checking the eyes for any changes due to diabetes, cataracts, and glaucoma. Find out more

Financial Assistance

HealthNet’s mission is to improve lives with compassionate health care and support services, regardless of ability to pay. Find out more

Patient Rights/Privacy

This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Find out more

Enrollment Services

Our Enrollment Services team is staffed with Certified Indiana Navigators and Certified Application Counselors who have met training requirements to assist you and your family when applying for Medicaid or the Marketplace. Find out more

Prenatal Classes

HealthNet offers a variety of prenatal classes. Find out more