To improve lives with compassionate health care and support services, regardless of ability to pay.


World class quality in community health care. 

Our Patients
Always satisfied. Frequently delighted. Sometimes dazzled.

Our Staff
Empowered, enthusiastic, proud. 

Our Centers
A health care home for our patients. A place of skilled caring and compassionate healing. 

Our Leadership
Transformational, supportive, and visionary. 

Our Impact on Health
Defined, measurable, and spectacular. 

Our Efficiency

Our Community
The healthiest urban community in the nation. 


Providing our patients an exceptional degree of excellence in our processes, performance, decisions, and human interactions. We make this possible by means of our never-ending commitment to improve. 

Supporting and respecting the contributions, dedication, commitment and hard work of each other. We acknowledge and nurture the emotional element involved in working with individuals and families and include our patients as part of our team. 

Valuing each individual as worthwhile and capable. We provide assistance and support to each other and to our patients by a personal commitment, a non-judgmental attitude, an understanding and acceptance of difference, and a love for people. 

Enabling every person to receive reliable, comprehensive, quality health care services when needed. We make this care available without the barriers of location transportation, hours or fees. 

Caring for others with sensitivity, understanding and a deep feeling of concern combined with a willingness to give aid. We demonstrate our compassion with caring hands and loving hearts. 

Community Based
Recognizing that individual and community health are integrally connected. We address the health related needs of all individuals in our service area as we are guided by our community board.