What is a Community Health Center (CHC)?

HealthNet is proud to be a Community Health Center! Community Health Centers are community based medical homes for more than 27 million people across America. CHC's provide comprehensive care that is high quality, affordable, and accessible. Click here to learn more about CHC's.

Is HealthNet a free clinic?

No, we are not a free clinic. We do offer a sliding fee scale based on income and family size. We can also help you learn more about health insurance and programs you may be eligible for.

How do I make an appointment?

New Patients – If you are a new patient, please call 317-957-2070. 

Current Patients – Did you know you can request appointments on your Patient Portal? To request an appointment on your portal, click here. If you are not signed up for the Patient Portal, you can make an appointment by calling 317-957-2070. At your next appointment, talk to the front desk about signing up for the Patient Portal!

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

Please make sure you bring your ID and all medications, supplements and vitamins you are taking to each visit. 

If you are a new patient, we may need you to bring in more information. Click here for a list of things to bring to your first appointment.

How do I transfer my medical records from my old doctor to HealthNet?

To transfer your medical records, please complete our Medical Records Transfer Form. This will allow your old doctor to share your medical records with us.

If your old doctor sends you your medical records, please bring them with you to your scheduled visit.

I do not have health insurance. Can I still make an appointment?

Yes! HealthNet sees anyone, regardless of ability to pay. We even have an Enrollment Services team who can help you apply for any discounts or insurance you may qualify for.

Can anyone go to HealthNet?

Yes! HealthNet does not exclde anyone or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, or ability to pay for services.

How much will I have to pay for services?

The amount you pay for care at HealthNet will depend on your insurance status, family size, income, etc. Our Billing team can help answer your financial questions.

We also offer a Sliding Fee Scale discount based on your income and family size. You may be able to get a discount even if you have insurance. Click here to learn more about our Sliding Fee Scale.

If you have health insurance, you can view all insurances we accept here.

Does every HealthNet Health Center offer the same services?

Not every HealthNet Health Center has the same services, but as a HealthNet patient, you have access to all services we provide. If your health center does not have a service you need, our providers will refer you to another location.