HealthNet People's Health & Dental Center
2340 E. 10th St. (2nd Floor) 
Indianapolis, IN 46201

HealthNet's Title X Program provides family planning resources and sexual health care, regardless of ability to pay. You don't even need to be a HealthNet patient to be seen. All services are confidential and judgement free.



Questions? Call (317) 957-2970 to schedule an appointment or for more information. Limited walk-in availability at this time.


STI/STD Care                                    

- Testing/Treatment                                                                
- HIV testing and prevention (PrEP)                        
- Free condoms   

Birth Control

- Pills, rings, patches, Depo, implants, IUDs, etc.
- Fertility and sex education 


- Pap smears
- Breast, pelvic, and testicular exams
- Health counseling

Funded by the Department of Health & Human Services, Public Health Services Title X Family Planning Project.