Notice of Data Incident Involving Patient Information


Notice of Data Incident Involving Patient Information

HealthNet, Inc. is taking the appropriate steps through its third-party vendor, CaptureRx, to notify patients whose limited personal information may have been exposed due to a security incident that impacted CaptureRx’s electronic files. No social security numbers, financial information or bank account numbers were exposed.

HealthNet utilizes CaptureRx to provide certain administrative services. On February 19, 2021, CaptureRx was made aware of a  security incident that impacted its system on February 6, 2021. HealthNet was made aware of the security incident that impacted CaptureRx’s electronic files on April 7, 2021. Additional information regarding the security incident can be found on CaptureRx’s website at

These electronic files did not include any social security numbers, financial information, including credit or debit card numbers, or bank account numbers. The only information that may have been accessed was first name, last name, date of birth, the name of your pharmacy, and for some individuals, a medical record number.   In addition, HealthNet is not aware of any attempted or actual misuse of your personal information that was disclosed.

HealthNet is taking this matter very seriously and is reviewing and identifying internal and external processes to continue to protect your personal information.  HealthNet believes that due to the very limited information contained in CaptureRx’s electronic files, the risk of compromise or harm to patients is very low.

As required by federal law, HealthNet has also directed CaptureRx to notify the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office for Civil Rights.  HealthNet patients impacted by this security incident are also expected to receive letters in the mail from CaptureRx notifying them of this incident. Patients who have concerns or questions may contact HealthNet by phone, email or mail utilizing the following contact information:

Toll Free Phone Number: 1-855-600-5027


Address: 3403 E. Raymond St., Indianapolis, IN 46203; Attention Jena Crowder, Privacy Officer

HealthNet truly values our relationship with its patients and looks forward to continuing its service to its patients and the community.


Notificación de incidente de datos que involucra la información del paciente

HealthNet, Inc. está tomando las medidas adecuadas a través de su proveedor de tercera parte, CaptureRx, para notificar a los pacientes cuya información personal limitada puede haber sido expuesta debido a un incidente de seguridad que afectó a los archivos electrónicos de CaptureRx. No se expusieron números de seguro social, información financiera o números de cuentas bancarias.

HealthNet utiliza a CaptureRx para proporcionar determinados servicios administrativos. El 19 de febrero de 2021, CaptureRx tuvo conocimiento de un incidente de seguridad que impactó su sistema el 6 de febrero de 2021. El 7 de abril de 2021, HealthNet tuvo conocimiento del incidente de seguridad que impactó los archivos electrónicos de CaptureRx. Información adicional relativa al incidente de seguridad se puede encontrar en el sitio web de CaptureRx:

Estos archivos electrónicos no incluían ningún número de seguro social, información financiera, incluidos los números de las tarjetas de crédito o débito, ni números de cuentas bancarias. La única información que pudo haber sido accedida fue el nombre, apellido, fecha de nacimiento e información sobre recetas médicas.   Asimismo, HealthNet no tiene constancia de que se haya intentado o se haya hecho un uso indebido de su información personal divulgada.

HealthNet se toma este asunto muy en serio y está revisando e identificando los procesos internos y externos para seguir protegiendo su información personal.  HealthNet considera que debido a la escasa información contenida en los archivos electrónicos de CaptureRx, el riesgo de que los pacientes se vean comprometidos o perjudicados es muy bajo.

Como exige la ley federal, HealthNet también ha ordenado a CaptureRx que notifique a la Oficina de Derechos Civiles del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos.  También se espera que los pacientes de HealthNet afectados por este incidente de seguridad reciban cartas por correo de CaptureRx en las que se les notifique de este incidente. Los pacientes que tengan preocupaciones o preguntas al respecto pueden ponerse en contacto con HealthNet por teléfono, correo electrónico o correo postal utilizando la siguiente información de contacto:

Número de teléfono gratuito: 1-855-600-5027

Correo electrónico:

Dirección: 3403 E. Raymont St., Indianapolis, IN 46203; Atención: Jena Crowder, Oficial de privacidad

HealthNet valora sinceramente la relación con sus pacientes y espera seguir prestando servicio a sus pacientes y a la comunidad.


Mizaw Sining Thawngpang pawl Aatel dih mi Data Himnak ah Ruah lo piin Acang mi thil pawl Theihternak

HealthNet, Inc. nih cun CaptureRx electronic file pawl chung i ho sin hmanh ah theihter lo ding in rii khiah i chiah asimi cakhumh pawl i himnak ah minung pakhat khat ruang i rawlralhnak a um ruang ah harnak/thatlonak/siaremlonak a tong mi mizaw pawl sin ah theihternak tuah ding in a mah i third party (a mah he rian a tuan ti mi phu a pathumnak) thilzuartu asimi CaptureRx sin in thil pawl cu tha tein le aatlak ning tein tawlrel piak ding in karhlannak pawl cu a tuah dih cang. Social security number pawl, phaisa luhchuahnak thawngpang pawl silole bank account number pawl cu langhter/phozar an si lo.

HealthNet nih cun thil pawl tha tein tawlrel piak ding in bawmhnak pawl peknak ding caah CapureRx cu a hman. Kum 2021, February thla ni 19 ah, CaptureRx nih cun kum 2021 February thla ni 6 ah a mah system i a rak cang mi himnak lei kong he apehtlaimi thil a um mi cu a rak theih. HealthNet nih cun CaptureRx i electronic file pawl sin ah a cang mi himnak lei kong he apehtlaimi thil pawl kong cu kum 2021 April thla ni 7 ah a rak theih. Himnak lei kong he pehtlai in a cang mi pawl kong he apehtlai mi a dang thawngpang pawl cu CaptureRx i an website ah zoh khawh asi:

Mah electronic file pawl chung ah cun zeibantuk social security number pawl hmanh, phaisa luhchuahnak lei kong he apehtlaimi thawngpang zeihmanh, credit silole debit card number pawl telh chih in, silole bank account number pawl zeihmanh an rak telh chih lo. Mah lawng bak in luhkhawh a ngah mi lam pakhat cu min hmasabik (First name), min hmanungbik (last name), chuah nithla, sii na cawk/lak tawnnak saykhan min, le a dang pumpak thil sining pawl caah cun, nangmah n arak i piahnak medical (ngandamnak-lei le sii-lei he apehtlaimi) record number pawl lawng hi an si. Cun, HealthNet nh cun biathli ah (hawidang sin ah chim lo ding in) chiah asimi nangmah pumpak he apehtlaimi thawngpang pawl kong a sining lo piin an hmannak silole hman ding in an i timhtuahnak pawl cu zeihmanh a thei bak lo.

HealthNet nih cun hi kong he pehtlai in thil sining pawl kong hi biatak tuk in a lak i nangmah kong he apehtlaimi thawngpang pawl vialte cu hosinhmanh ah phan kho lo ding in khamnak ding caah rian an tuan, i achung lei in  rian an tuannak ah siseh, leng lei in an tuannak ah siseh thil pawl cu zohthannak le chekhlatnak pawl a tuah dih.  HealthNet nih cun CaptureRx i electronic file pawl chung ah aatel mi biapi ngai in rii khiah i hohmanh theihter loin chiah mi thawngpang pawl nih cun mizaw pawl sin ah harnak pawl silole a-pe-a-yu pawl um ter ding cu a tlawm tuk lai tiin a zumh.

Federal Upadi nih a herh ning tein, HealthNet nih cun CaptureRx cu U.S. Mipi Covo pawl caah Ngandamnak-lei le Mipi Bawmhchanhnak Pek ding in Riantuannak i Anzung ah theihternak tuah ding in a rak fial. Hibantuk himnak lei i rawhralhnak/atha lomi thil cannak ruang ah harnak a tong mi HealthNet i mizaw pawl sin ah CaptureRx sin in hi a cang mi thil kong he pehtlai in theihternak ca pawl an hmuh lai tiin HealthNet nih cun aa ruahchan.Biahalawk pawl silole ruahnak cheuh a duh mi mi zaw pawl nih cun HealthNet cu phone in chawnh khawh asi, email zong in kuat khawh asi silole atanglei i langhter mi chawnhbiak khawhnak khi hmang in ca kuat khawh asi:

Maan pek loin chawnh khawh asimi phone Number: 1-855-600-5027

Email: (Pumpak biathli ah chiah ding mi thil)

Umnak Hmun Address: 3403 E. Raymont St., Indianapolis, IN 46203; Attention Jena Crowder, Privacy Officer (Pumpak biathli ah chiah ding mi thil kong atawlreltu Riantuantu Bawi)

HealthNet nih cun mizaw pawl he an i pehtlaih ning hi biatak tein maan a ngeih ter i a mah nih cun hmailei zong ah a mah nih apek mi bawmhnak nih hin mizaw pawl le community sin ah thatnak a chuah pi kho tu si ding in tampi aa zumh i aa ruahchan.