Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0: What You Should Know


HIP 2.0 - What You Should Know

The new Healthy Indiana Plan (or HIP 2.0) is a health insurance program from the State of Indiana. HIP 2.0 pays for medical costs and gives incentives for members to live healthier.

Who can get HIP 2.0?

You may be able to get HIP 2.0 if you live in Indiana and are:
• between the ages of 19-64
• a lawful, permanent resident for five years or a U.S. citizen
• a single individual who makes up to $1,358.70 each month
• a household of four and makes up to $2,775.54 each month

Why should I get HIP 2.0?

Every person in Indiana must have health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, you will have to pay money to the government. HIP 2.0 offers options to help you meet your health care needs.

What is covered?

HIP Plus:

doctor visits   dental care
hospital care   eye care
therapies    +               bariatric surgery
medicine   and more!
medical equipment    


How can I get help signing up?

To get FREE help signing up, meet with one of HealthNet's Certified Navigators. To make an appointment, call your HealthNet health center or call our Outreach team at 317-957-2676.