HealthNet Hosts Safety Summit

IMPD, Staff, Community Leaders Share Crime Prevention Best Practices


On January 30, 2015, HealthNet hosted its first Safety Summit for HealthNet staff and community leaders.

HealthNet now has 37 locations, most located near the inner city of Indianapolis, said Chief Operating Officer Rick Diaz.  “We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our staff and to safe neighborhoods around our facilities,” added Diaz. “The summit provided a great opportunity to review crime prevention strategies, brainstorm improvement opportunities and share best practices.”

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Detectives Mike Mitchell and Kurt Rincker shared their perspective from years of service as police officers and offered many practical, personal safety tips.

East 10th St. Civic Association Project Manager Sarah Evans shared how her organization helped significantly reduce crime and create a more inviting East 10th St. business corridor by encouraging neighboring businesses and residents to get to know one another and watch out for each other. “Positive activity and physical improvements show that a community cares," she said. "These simple principles replace and deter negative activity.”

Representatives from East 10th St. Civic Association, the Community Alliance of the Far Eastside, Avondale Meadows YMCA, Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation, Southeast Community Services and the West Indianapolis Community Development Corporation partnered with HealthNet staff to brainstorm opportunities to make HealthNet facilities and the neighborhoods around them more safe and inviting for positive community activity.

“We look forward to making this an annual event for our staff and community partners,” said Diaz. Safety improvements will be a standing agenda item at HealthNet’s leadership team meetings.