If you have Medicaid, HIP, CHIP, Hoosier Healthwise, or Hoosier Care Connect, you must renew your coverage to keep your insurance. Make sure all of your information is up to date with the state.

For FREE help, please call 317-957-2070 and ask for Enrollment Services. 

Are you ready for the Medicaid changes?

Update your information
Make sure Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA) has your current mailing address and phone number so you can get important notices. There are 3 ways you can update your information:

  • at www.FSSAbenefits.IN.gov
  • by calling 1-800-403-0864
  • by going to a local office 

Report your income 
If your income has changed, send updated information like paystubs or an employer’s statement to FSSA. 

Check your mail
Read any mail carefully with the FSSA logo. If you get a renewal letter, make sure you complete and submit it as soon as possible.

What happens if you lose your coverage?
Our Enrollment Specialists are available to help explore your options for health coverage. 

Nangmah nih Medicaid, HIP, CHIP, Hoosier Healthwise silole Hoosier Care Connect timi na ngeih sual asiahcun, na aa-mah-khan cu ti ning tein ngah peng na duh ahcun nangmah an in pek mi liampiaknak na ngah mi cu tharchuahnak na tuah hrim a herh. Nangmah he aapehtlaimi na thawngpang pawl cu na umnak state i a um mi thawngpang he aakhat ding in tha tein azapi tein tharchuahnak na tuah hrim lai.

ALAK IN BAWMHNAK ngahnak ding ah, zangfahtein hika 317-957-2070 ah rak chawn hna law Enrollment Services (Minpeknak he apehtlaimi Bawmhnak peknak) cu zeitindah tuah asi lai tiin rak hal hna.

Medicaid aa Thleng hnik mi caah naa ready maw?

Nangmah he apehtlaimi thawngpang pawl kha tharchuahnak tuahnak
Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (Indiana i Chungkhar pawl & Bawmhnak Peknak pawl Tawlrelpiaknak Zung/FSSA) sin in nangmah nih abiapi mi theihternak pawl na ngah khawhnak ding ah a tu na hman lio mi phone number pawl le a tu na umnak address pawl cu tha tein an ngeih ding in hei tuah. Nangmah he apehtlaimi thawngpang pawl cu tharchuahnak tuah ding ah lam 3 an um:

  • hika www.FSSAbenefits.IN.gov ah lut in tuahnak in
  • hika 1-800-403-0864 ah phone chawnhnak in
  • na umnak sang/peng i an zung ah nangmah tein kal in tuahnak in

Na hmuhmi thla hlawh (lah-khah) theihternak (report) peknak
Na hmuh mi lahkhah cu aa thlen (a zat aa dan) asiahcun, paystubs (lahkhah peknak catlap) silole rianpetu nih cu zat cu ka pek mi asi tiin langhternak a tuah mi bantuk tharchuah cia asimi thawngpang pawl kha FSSA sin ah rak kua hna. 

Na mail (cakuatnak/email) kha chek peng
FSSA logo aatelmi zeibantuk mail poah cu tha tein rel dih hna. A thar in tuahthannak ding cakuat (renewal letter) na hmuh asiahcun, asi khawh chung in cu a thar in tuahthannak ding catlap cu tha tein phih dih hna law kua colh hna.

Medicaid/HIP insurance na ngei ti lo (athi) ah cun zei dah a cang lai? 
Kan Enrollment Specialist hna nih health insurance ca'ah na herhmi an in bawmh khawh.